Keystone Grey developed from a real estate investment business to a well-established property management business since its inception in April, 1983. In the beginning while acting solely as a property investment business, with a portfolio of both commercial and residential properties, the principles of Keystone Grey worked with and saw first-hand the difficulties of dealing with traditional property managers. This experience initially led Keystone Grey into the property management field when it began servicing and managing its own properties.

To facilitate managing its in-house portfolio, Keystone Grey put together an impressive infrastructure of accounting, building operations management and internal service provisions, all with the key focus of providing excellence and value in client service. The results were a substantial reduction of operating costs, and an exponential increase in client satisfaction and service delivery.

It was recognized that when properties were under serviced, property maintenance was often neglected or deferred leading to substantially higher down-the-road costs. Where disrespect was shown to commercial leasing tenants, the result was high and avoidable costs associated with lost revenue as tenants chose to relocate as an option to continuing to working with a difficult property manager. The loss of even a single commercial tenant could easily cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue on a vacant space, leasing agent fees as well as new tenant inducements and leasehold improvements. With respect to condo buildings, additional time and effort on the side of a property manager could often result in the lowering of building operating costs as maintenance contracts are reviewed and renegotiated and services are examined from a fresh perspective.

Keystone Grey grew and expanded management services to include property management of investor-owned commercial properties as well as residential condominium buildings. It has been recognized that as we assume the property management role in a property, we have been able to reduce operating costs by an average of 18% by focusing on reducing costs for items such as utility management, elevator maintenance, successful appeals on property taxes and building maintenance. The success we have had with client satisfaction is measured by the positive feedback we receive from clients on a very regular basis.

If you are not experiencing a high level of satisfaction from your property management company, we would like the opportunity to meet with you and tell you more about Keystone Grey and the services and level of satisfaction we can consistently deliver.