Calgary Condominium Property Management

We provide the best condo management services in Calgary by tackling the problems associated with traditional property management.  Our experienced property managers take the time to communicate with Board Members and Unit Owners.  Our accounting department operates under strict procedures to ensure your building financials are accurate, including cheque approval by the Board of Directors prior to the release of funds. Our team of excellence oriented condominium management professionals take the time to consider and respond to all inquiries. All of our property management professionals have a minimum of 5 years of relevant industry experience ensuring their in-depth knowledge of the property management industry.

Other property management companies bog down their property managers with too many buildings in their portfolio and don’t provide enough administrative assistance.  The property managers at other management companies don’t have the time to accomplish anything between board meetings and have a hard time keeping up with communication. We have a lower building to property manager ratio than other companies and we assign the appropriate administrative assistance to provide your property manager with the tools to make significant progress on action items between board meetings.

Although our head office is centrally located in the belt line of downtown Calgary, our property management team preforms condominium management in all areas of Calgary. We provide property management services for high-rise condominiums, as well as townhouses and mixed use condominiums.

Not only does Keystone Grey have the best property managers in Calgary, but we also provide each property manager with the ultimate resources for condo building management.  We have the best administrative resources for proactive property management and use innovative technology to ensure we communicate with your condominium community.   We utilize a property specific website as an additional means of communication between our management team and unit owners.  Please read more about the Keystone Grey condominium management difference below.

The Keystone Grey Difference

Delivering Condo
Management Excellence

Our pro-active condo management style results in well-managed property maintenance costs, while achieving high standards of work.

Building-to-Manager Ratio

Keystone Grey maintains a low building to manager ratio ensuring our Property Managers have the time to provide the ultimate condo management service.


Keystone Grey utilizes state-of-the-art technology inclusive of a condo building management system providing each of our properties a complementary interactive website.

Growth and Improvement

Keystone Grey is focused on incessant improvements to our condo building management service through the continuous defining and fine-tuning of our processes and procedures.

What clients say about the Keystone Grey Experience

  • “… if something unusual comes up at the condo building or regarding my unit, I have a great condo property management team I can call.–K.K.

  • I know that I can get in touch with my [KSG Property Manager] and they will quickly help me with any concerns or questions I have regarding my condo–K.K

  • You are so accommodating and professional, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate it! I really hope that my new building will use Keystone, as I find you all so easy and pleasant to deal with. So...thanks for being awesome!!!–Clare H.

  • I’d just like to say that I very much appreciate the work that you’re doing, particularly in terms of communication to owners/tenants. I also get the impression that issues/repairs are being attended to in a more timely manner. This is a marked improvement from our previous experience with [condo property management company] and we clearly made the right decision by switching.–Sarah

  • I recently had some work done to my condo. [Keystone Grey] was extremely helpful in organizing the many parties involved. They do what they say they are going to do, return my calls promptly and keep me in the loop with what is going on–Kylie