Delivery of Excellence

Keystone Grey is an experienced, locally owned and operated property management business, focused on friendly, logical and straightforward practices resulting in greater value all around. At Keystone Grey we have a keen focus on customer relationships, effective communication, and win-win connections. Our action-oriented management style unquestionably results in lower property maintenance costs, while at the same time achieving a higher level and quality of work performed.

Let’s have a conversation, over the phone or over a coffee, to determine if Keystone Grey is the right fit for your building.

Balanced Building-to-Manager Ratio

Compared to many other property management companies that allow 12 – 20 properties per manager, Keystone Grey maintains a lower building-to-manager ratio per property manager portfolio. This cap allows for extra time allocation for individual property requirements to provide better care and attention for each property.

Streamlining Through Innovative Technology

Keystone Grey works with a unique Condominium Property Management software system. This distinctive program provides cohesive information sharing capability for accounting and property management. This unique system also offers self-serve functionality in a community website that allows for greater interaction between property managers, board members and unit owners along with greater flexibility, increased communication and ease of use.

Focused on Growth and Improvement

Keystone Grey is continually focused on improvements over traditional and outdated practices. Through software implementation, procedure and process re-development, weekly team meetings, and on-going education Keystone Grey is positively assisting forward growth on all levels of interaction that mutually benefit its clients and business practices.