Property Managers

The primary role of the property manager is to administer the condominium corporation in accordance with the Condominium Property Act of Alberta and Amendments thereto. The Property Manager conducts all condominium actions under the limitations of the approved budget for the board, all policies and by-laws of the corporation. Along with the Property Services Coordinator, the Property Manager is the primary point of contact for the Board Members as well as individual owners and tenants.


Board Members

A Board of Directors is elected by the owners of a Condominium Corporation at the Annual General Meeting.  They volunteer their time to oversee the administration of the Bylaws for the Corporation in liaison with the management company.   There are various roles the Directors fulfill including: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Member at Large. For more information regarding Board of Directors Duties, Roles and Responsibilities see the attached document.

Board of Directors – Duties, Role and Responsibilities

A Board of Directors is only as effective as the time and effort each individual member contributes to it.  An effective Board has a good mixture of organizational skills and a positive attitude.  All members should have a willingness to participate: obtain knowledge, take initiative and an analytical outlook. The underlying goal is to work in partnership to reach a well-considered decision. For more information regarding Board of Director Conduct and Effective Practice see the attached document.